About Us


The Red Decker company is a family owned and operated business, who operate Hobart’s double decker city loop bus, providing a first class service to both interstate and international travellers. We also provide high quality bus charter services for both the local and corporate market.

We are aware that Red Decker often gives people their first impression of Hobart and Tasmania. As such, we are focused on providing the best tourist experience possible and delivering on what we promise every day of the year. We are proud of the service we provide and we are excited about being a part of Hobart's transport and tourism infrastructure.


Red Decker is a private, family owned company and we have been operating distinctive bright red UK double decker buses since 1997. We are the first and only company still operating double decker buses both open and closed toppers in Tasmania and the only company to provide a city loop, and a tourist hop-on hop-off service in Hobart.


The Red Decker Team

Our workforce is a small experienced dedicated team, passionate about delivering a high standard of service to our passengers. Our staff regularly attend training and skill sessions so that we are able to consistently deliver the highest quality tours and service at all times. Red Decker staff are also local ambassadors for our city, they are a fantastic source of local knowledge. Ask our friendly staff what to do, where to go and where to source that perfect gift whilst visiting Hobart.


Red Decker is
Environmentally Friendly

All staff at Red Decker love the state we live in, Tasmania, and feel responsible for and acknowledge that if we all don’t make a significant effort to reduce our impact on our environment then our beautiful state we call home will not be around in its present pristine form for generations to come.

As an environmentally conscious business in the tourist and transport industry, the past few years have seen significant changes to how we operate our business. To reduce our environmental impact, the biggest change for Red Decker has been the addition in 2014 and another expected in late 2015, of a new environmentally friendly, wheelchair accessible open topper double decker to our fleet. This has not only added greatly to the tourist experience but contains the latest zero emission technology.